Here at ASD we take bicycling seriously. One way it shows is in our service department. We pride ourselves on offering world-class service and our Head Mechanic/ General Manager/ Lead Heckler Gabe Bradley has the resume to prove it. He has over 10 years shop experience and has attended United Bicycle Institute, The Bill Woodul Clinic, and numerous other tech clinics from big-name brands. He also has an Advanced Wheel Building certification from DT Swiss, a Suspension Technicians certification from UBI, and a USA Cycling Pro-Mechanics License, so to put it lightly, he knows his way around a bike. Although it sounds like our service would cost an arm and a leg, you may be surprised at how reasonable our rates are. We specialize in: Custom Wheel Builds, Suspension Service, Shimano Di2, SRAM ETap, and Campagnolo EPS. So whether it's changing a flat on a kids bike or updating your Di2 firmware, we have you covered.


Bronze Tune Up - $50                                                                            -Adjust derailers and brakes
-Wipe down frame and rims
-Lube chain and pivots
-True wheels while on bike
-Check all bolts/fasteners for safety

Silver Tune Up - $70                                                                            -Includes everything in the Bronze tune up
-Remove wheels and true in truing stand (1mm tolerance)
-Adjust hubs, headset, and bottom bracket
-Thoroughly clean bike
-Includes brake pad installation

Gold Tune Up - $225                                                                     -Completely disassemble bike and clean each part individually
-Includes installation of all new parts
-Includes hub, headset, and bottom bracket overhauls

Single Speed Tune Up- $45                                                            -Adjust chain tension
-Adjust brakes
-Remove wheels and true in truing stand (1mm tolerance)
-Adjust hubs, headset, and bottom bracket
-Check all bolts/fasteners for safety
-Quick wipe down and lube chain

Shift/Brake Systems

Adjust Brake/Install Brake Pads - $10

Bleed Disc Brake - $10

Install Brake/Shift cable - $20

Install Brake (Non-Disc) - $20

Install Disc Brake - $30

Adjust Shifting (Front OR Rear)- $10

Align/Replace Derailer Hanger - $8

Install Cassette/Freewheel - $8

Install Chain - $10

Install Chainrings - $15 - $20

Install Crankset (Arms Only) - $15

Install Derailer (Includes Chain Install) - $20

Install Brake/Shift Cable - $20

Install Shifter (Includes Shift Cable/Housing Install) - $25


Build Wheel - $55

Replace Spoke - $20-$40

True Wheel - $15- $30

Install Tire/Tube - $8

Install Tubeless Tire (Includes Installation of Rim Strip and Valve) - $15

Re-Fill Stan's Sealant on Tubeless Tire (Doesn't Include Sealant) - $5

Install Tubular Tire (Includes Rim Prep) - $50

Bearing Systems

Adjust Bottom Bracket - $10

Adjust Headset - $5

Adjust Hub - $10

Install/Overhaul Bottom Bracket- $25

Install/Overhaul Headset - $5

Overhaul Hub (Loose Bearing) - $25

Overhaul Hub (Sealed Bearing) - $40


Overhaul Shock (Fork)(In House) - $70

Overhaul Shock (Rear Shock)(In House) - $30

Overhaul Suspension Pivots - $90


Install Bar Tape - $12

Install Handlebar (Mountain) - $15

Install Handlebar (Road) - $27

Install Grips - $5

Install Seat/Seatpost - $5

Install Stem - $8

Warranty/ Assembly/ Packing/ Accessories

Warranty Processing Fee (For bikes/products not purchased from ASD) - $25

Assemble Bike From Box/ Pack Bike in Box - $50

Assemble Frame/Swap Components - $190

Install Kickstand - $5

Install Pedals - $5 or 1 Pabst Blue Ribbon

Install Rack (Bike Mounted) - $15

Install Training Wheels -$10

Install Computer - $15