ASD's one-year anniversary party was a hoot!

By Scoop Skupien

As a writer, I’m a man of words. But sometimes, I have to eat those words.

This is one of those times.

When I stopped by Asheville Street and Dirt a few months ago, Michael was excited to tell me about the shop’s one-year anniversary party, which was also going to be a customer appreciation day that would include beer, hot dogs, and Pivot demo bikes.

The venue? Kolo Bike Park.

I wondered why they were doing that when there are sweet trails all over the place around here. Going to a bike park seemed a little… tame.

Boy was I wrong.

YOLO @ Kolo

Kolo is amazing. There are flow trails, all sorts of features that help you build your skills, a pump track, an awesome wooden berm that spits you out at top speed, and dirt jumps. Ah yes, a little airtime.

I was impressed with the design of the park. Building trails around a golf course is a brilliant idea. I mean, how else are mountain bike riders and golfers ever going to interact with each other?

And dirt bike riders? Forget it. Different planets altogether.

But we were there to ride mountain bikes, not walk around looking for a little ball in the weeds all day. Specifically, we were there to ride Pivot bikes.

And apparently, the ASD crew is crazy for Pivot. We blew the record for demo bikes away. The old record was 60. Pivot had to bring 90 to Kolo that day!

I was there for one bike in particular: The Mach 429SL Carbon.

Take me down to Carbon City

Holy cow.

I’d never ridden a completely carbon bike before. Off my first jump, I could barely see the ground. I was scared I was going to smack into someone riding the zip line. Amazing.

Don’t get me wrong when I admit this, because I love my Transition Smuggler to death.

But maybe, just maybe, I was wrong when I said, “This is the last bike I’ll ever need.”

That’s a discussion with my wife I’ll need to be better prepared for. You see, a completely carbon bike is a little pricey. Even though my wife is the person who taught me that the cliché is true – you get what you pay for.

And what about that whole cost-per-ride thing? I mean, I ride almost every day. A new bike will pay for itself in no time!

Think about the return on investment. I mean, if my numbers are right, we’re losing money by not investing in this critical resource.

Maybe I’ll start mowing lawns on the side to help pay for a new rig. Although, I already mow the neighbor’s lawn for free. So maybe I need to work on my business plan first.

Regardless, ASD’s one-year anniversary was a hoot. Everyone I talked to and rode with had a great time.

And for the record, I love Kolo. So I ate my words about a bike park being tame. But unlike a certain owner of ASD, at least I didn't eat dirt.

Congrats to the team and keep on ridin’!